Tuesday, 28 March 2017

To the Politicians

The following poem can also be found here :-

They will offer you
a handful of inflated emotion,
tie you up in knots
having eaten their fill,
will not do anything you ask for
whilst continuing to deliver soundbites,
eager to show that they do really care
will continue to offer you handshakes,
full of lies and deceipt
with warped sense of logic,
as the pain frosts over our breaths
offer us scraps of austerity,
whilst  hours draw by keep us unsatisfied,
continue their games to bend and shape us
apart from a few, most of collassal self-importance,
with their rhetoric full  of emptiness
deliver to us, utter complete disrespect,
it is up to us to stir their will
in sweet sheer defiance,
carve a new domain
into which, us they must serve,
instead of corporations and lobbyists
and others with a lust of power,
deliver us human foundations.
built on us concepts of truth
that can be seeds of future's rebirth.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Good morning Britain

Aztec camera/ Mick Jones Good morning Britain.

Brilliant piece of culture and art - The powers that be make this song so relevant , many years since this record came out, fair gain for the elites, this song sums up Britain so much.
Here in Britain, politics is racing at breakneck speed. We have Theresa May as an unelected prime minister.The PM also stands  accused of closing the door on child refugees after reneging on a pledge to allow 3,000 stranded in Europe into Britain.The Tory's are ploughing on  with the benefit cap and other measures which are driving working-class families into the dirt, and no plans to seriously tackle this were made in Hammond's autumn statement. It is planning £22 billion-worth of savage cuts to the NHS, using the mechanism  of the so called ' sustaainability and transformation plans' (STPs). The end result, if they are allowed to get away with it, will be the wholesale closure of local hospitals. We are also wirnessing the rise of the  far-right and xenophobia on the rise again, combined  with  Post Brexit we could be living in a nightmare  that we can't escape, it will see many people waking up to the political economic consequences of leaving Europe, and realising they have been duped.We are currently sailing into a  future that does not look too rosy.Scary times indeed.
Yet the Tories will be screwed if Scotland and Northern Ireland still decide to remain in the EU. Scotland, having previously voted to remain in the UK and the EU, cannot now do both. The irony if the unintended consequence of Brexit could be a break up of Britain , with the result  a new Anglo-Welsh world super power that we could call Wengland.We are certainly  facing more days of shock and waves of uncertainty.
In the immediate future, the defense of migrants, including those yet to come, celebrating diversity is fundamental to opposing the swing to the right post-Brexit. Let or future not be steeped in shame..Only saying.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Refugee Mother And Child - Chinua Achebe ( 16/11/36 - 21/3/13)

Chinua Achebe was a great Nigerian novelist. poet and short story writer of global significance.  He is best known for his first novel “Things Fall Apart” which has been translated into 45 languages.  His poem “Refugee Mother and Child” is a celebration of motherhood. It is set in  a refugee camp somewhere in Africa. The representation of human suffering  and the picture of a mother's tenderness for her son, that she soon will lose,  is truly moving and compelling..

Refugee Mother And Child

No Madonna and Child could touch
that picture of a mother's tenderness
for a son she soon would have to forget.
The air was heavy with odours

of diarrhoea of unwashed children
with washed-out ribs and dried-up
bottoms struggling in laboured
steps behind blown empty bellies. Most

mothers there had long ceased
to care but not this one; she held
a ghost smile between her teeth
and in her eyes the ghost of a mother's
pride as she combed the rust-coloured
hair left on his skull and then -

singing in her eyes - began carefully
to part it… In another life this
would have been a little daily
act of no consequence before his
breakfast and school; now she

did it like putting flowers
on a tiny grave.                           

Friday, 24 March 2017

Unity against hate and division

After the tragic attack in Westminster on Wednesday. night, many are now expressing their shock. It  was terrible because people lost their lives or were horribly wounded,due to the actions of a sick and depraved individual fuelled by hate, Kent-born Khalid Masood, 52, who ploughed a car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before smashing it into railings and then running into the grounds of Parliament, armed with a knife.There he stabbed PC Keith Palmer, 48, before being shot dead by armed police.Pedestrians British national and mother of two Aysha Frade, 43, and US tourist Kurt Cochran, 54, died in the incident on Westminster Bridge, while 40 people remain hospitalised, with seven in critical condition. There has  naturally been an outporing of gfrief and anger .
In light of all of this though  I  recommend the following clip from journalist Simon Jenkins talking sense on Newsnight about how the media irresponsibly creates frenzies of publicity around incidents of terrorism. It feeds racism and Islamophobia, it feeds a climate of relentless fear, when there is no justification for such fears, and it gives the terrorists what they want - the oxygen of publicity, the very climate of fear the media stirs up, and, they hope, the disruption of normal, everyday life.https://twitter.com/BBCNewsnight/status/844903739324555264
Also it is worth pointing out what  did not make the headlines, only the day before this cowardly attack, an airstrike by the US-led coalition on a school in Syria killed at least 33 people.And last Thursday another US strike on a mosque complex in the north-west of the country killed at least 43 people, are not all lives of rqual value. In addition  Palestinians, Syrians, refugees, those fleeing war certainly do not feel safe every minute of their days,  remember also the  many governments  that could be defined as terrorists, but rarely are by the media, and arms companies on a daily basic  who aid and fuel  murder and war, in their blood lust thirst for profit
Now more than ever we can not let these attacks be used by the racists to divide us. Already, the far right group Britain First have used this attack as an excuse to call a 'march' in London to spew their racism, hatred and division.An additional attempt to capitalise on the events came from Tommy Robinson,former leader of the English Defence League, who while ambulances and other emergency vehicles dominated scenes, had appeared within minutes of the incident occurring seeking to exploit the tragedy and the victims of the attack for his own propoganda purposes, shouting aggressively at those who challenged him and launched into a scathing analysis of the incident for his own personal camera crew. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/mar/23/far-right-exploit-westminster-attack-london-wont-let-it
Stand Up To Racism has called a unity vigil in London today.There Co-Convenor Weyman Bennett said in a response to the attack: “Our thoughts are with those killed or injured in the Westminster attack and their families. We need to stand together against all those who seek to divide us. We are black, white, Muslim and Christian living together.We have to remain vigilant against those who want to profit from division, especially the far right. It is crucial that we stand united in such difficult times. I urge people who feel the same to join Friday’s vigil.”
Dr Shazad Amin, CEO of http://mend.org.uk/,(Muslim Engagement and Development) said: “We are shocked and saddened by the act of mindless violence that took place at Westminster and our thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost loved ones and with those that were injured during this incident. This act of violence is utterly deplorable and one that will find no room in any community.
“We stand firmly against anyone who wishes to use this tragic incident to create fear and divisions in our society. Only last weekend over 30,000 people marched in solidarity against all forms of hate, and we reiterate our commitment to Stand Up to Racism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all forms of hate.”
In a statement last night, shared on Twitter yesterday, HOPE not Hate the anti-fascist charity in a statement  said on twitter yesterday https://twitter.com/hopenothate?lang=en:“Resolve can be shaken in the aftermath of such incidents. Calls for revenge can abound. But we mustn't let the terrorists win. Nor those who welcome the hatred they bring.In the coming hours and days, there  will be some who call for more hatred. Who want nothing more than to meet violence with violence. That is the path to ruin. Please don’t be intimidated. Don’t give in. And don’t listen to haters.We’ll stand firm against all those who call for division; and with your help, we’ll expose those who call for terror too.”
In an apparent reference to people who might have double standards on political extremism, it adds:“London won’t be cowed, and neither will we. Please help us stand firm.Help  us expose those in ALL communities who want  to sow division and terror. In the face of tragedy and violence, help us bring hope and unity.”
Brendan Cox the partner of Jo Cox, a Labour MP, who died after being shot and stabbed outside  her constuency surgery in Birstall, West Yorkshire on 16 June by far-right extremist Thomas Mair has also urged Britain not to let itself be divided by the Westminster attack  saying the assailant no more represents British Muslims than his wife’s murderer represented the people of Yorkshire.Also saying‘ that the person who did this wants us to be fearful and divided , let’s show that we are neither’. So let's not let the racists divide us. Now more than ever we must stand in solidarity and diversity in these difficult times. and must reiterate our commitment to Stand Up to Racism, Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all forms of hate and try and focus on what unites us.

 Stand Up To Racism unity vigil against hatred and division, Friday, 6pm, Downing Street, www.facebook.com/events/192258647941643/ Unite Against Fascism counter-demonstration:  Don't let the racists divide us - no to fascist Britain First! Saturday 1 April, central London. Details tbc go to www.facebook.com/events/1291586427589114/
There  will also be peace vigils across the country.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Shadow World

Quick plug for this film, on tonight at Small World Theatre , Cardigan a jaw dropping yet hopeful anti-arms trade documentary with panel speakers.Based on the book The Shadow World, vy Andrew Feinstein this feature length documentary is an investigation into the multi-billion dollar international arms trade.
Exposing the global arms trade, the vast sums of money that are made and the corruption that creates. Fascinating interviews reveal the shocking realities of Britain’s central role in this dirty trade that counts its profits in billions and its losses in human lives. Based on Andrew Feinstein’s globally acclaimed book this is extremely good at clearly presenting information and then showing the consequences. Masterfully edited and well illustrated with pertinent clips, this deftly weaves the multiple strands of its global story into a compelling case against the guilty parties. In the hope that if we better understand what really goes on, we can see through the horror, and create a better future.
The arms trade spreads its tentacles far and wide, ensnaring politicians in a web of malpractice that rarely comes to light. This film deserves to be seen by anyone who wants to see light shining on such a shadowy world. The timing is impeccable  because it comes ahead of  the DPRTE arms fair which will return to the Motopoint Arena in Cardiff  on March 28, 2017for the third time. Join a day of action against the arms fair on 28 March, and show the arms industry there’s no welcome for it in Wales.
In 2016, huge protests and a successful day of action caused havoc for the DPRTE arms fair, forcing organisers to claim it “was not an arms fair”. However, with many of the UK’s biggest arms companies in attendance and the event geared towards “showcasing products and services” along all parts of the supply chain, it seems that’s just a difference of language: the event is designed to help arms industry networking in order to make business deals, and the effects of these deals are felt across the world as UK weaponry plays a leading role in conflicts which destroy homes, school and communities from Yemen to Gaza.
Campaign groups Cardiff Stop the Arms Fair, Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Welsh language group Cymdeithas y Cymod (Fellowship for Reconciliation) will be among those protesting against the Defence Procurement, Research, Technology and Exportability (DPRTE) event. We have to stand together against this immoral trade. One anti-militarist campaigner has said: “This event is unacceptable in so many ways. It totally blurs the boundary between government and the arms trade and uses taxpayers’ money to promote unethical profiteering in the private sector.“These ruthless businesses build their wealth on the rubble of schools and hospitals and on the dead bodies of the children targeted by the weapons of mass destruction they manufacture and sell across the world.
“DPRTE has no place in Cardiff and the city should be ashamed of hosting these dealers in death. We call on anyone with a conscience to join us on 28 March to shut down this arms fair!”

“ . . . superb, gut-punching exploration of the global arms trade is the sort of catalyst to energize politically-minded viewers.” Variety

Winner of the Best Documentary Award Edinburgh International Film Festival

Please book tickets in advance, thanks. £6 Concesion £5
Please bring proof of concession. For information on this year’s WOW Film Festival and participating venues, please visit wowfilmfestival.com

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Dare to dream

                                            " reality and dreaming
                                                  are different things.
                                               dreaming is beautiful
                                                  because dreams are
                                                   nearly always the
                                              predecessors of what
                                         is to come, but the most
                          sublime is to make life beautiful,
                                     to mould life beautifully."

- Nosrotos, Anarchist Daily, Spain, March 1937.

Have been trying to deal with a bout of depression, but de
aling with daily battles  can give us at the end of the day some  kind of hope, we can all build new pages, a society where all people are equal and free,  our dreams do not need revision, they can reinvent, bring a new logic of existence, where chains and bondage are broken, can overthrow constraints, forge a new order, lands full of promise, wild ambition, shifting sands.
Where reality  is always negotiable, today I caught a  glimpse of sunshine in the rain, life can  be bittersweet, but allows us all to live the dream, my mind is like a garden, overgrown but free. Be careful to avoid alienation try and find sustenance , but beware of the weight of consensus prohibitions , follow kindred spirits rather than governments that can lead you feeling isolated  or powerless. Keep on  believing, embrace diversity, follow the paths of liberation, take refuge among people that care,  and  continue to dare to dream.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Spontaneous rhapsody


( following written in ten minutes, have a go)

Every star in the sky is beautiful
all the pebbles on the beach atone,
for what we all have lost
every moment of life is precious,
fill it with cherished emotion
keep on releasing as much as you can,
sharing, caring, keep on believng
we are  all a mixture of deep devotion,
from different walks of life
sometimes cools or intense like fire,
a collective roar in the universe
along the streets keep on wondering,
try to tear down bridges and walls
clasp hands together in unity.